Multiple landed cost PO in one invoice

Is it possible to apply the landed cost (misc charges) to more than 1 PO after the invoices has been posted? I received a shipment and the shipment contains items from 4 different POs. The item arrival is processed to the corresponding POs. The AP pack list and invoices are posted. The bill for the landed cost arrives. How can AX split the landed cost among the 4 POs by quantity of the total items received. Thanks in advance…

Hi Mohammed…

There is no way in the standard ax that you can split the landed cost across multiple PO’s …As far as i know PO process in Ax has no shipment functionality as such and hence the splitting of landed cost in not possible…the only way i can see is you have to manually split it across PO’s and allocate the same manually…we developed the shipment functionality for one of our client …which does this splitting of landed cost automatically since we cannot find this in standard Ax…


Praveen Reddy

Hi Praveen,

Thanks for your prompt response…

Could you please give me your shipment development? I would be very much thankful to you.

Many thanks.


Hi Praveen,

I am ready to bear amount for your development.




Why don’t you try Landed costing module from Sable systems It’s quite comprehensive and comes with SHipment tracking as well. Refer below ?

You can always use the free text invoice to bill the customer for the additional charges with a note relating to the original sales order.