Multiple Item Renaming

One of our vendors has changed all their item numbers to new configuration. This implies that we have to go in one by one, and replace each item

in the item card, so that it replaces all the likns to the tables that the item needs to be changed.

The question is if there is any way in which to do this for a group of items, instead of one by one.


From an end user point of view there is two possibilities that I can think of:

  1. use the find/replace on the item card - might what to filter down to the vendor first - will only work if the change is logical e.g. part of vendor part no. replace by another

  2. Develop a report for the same - if your company has anyone with the skills

BUT be careful you can mess up a lot of data if your not !

A Dataport could also be used but as Dave said you need to be extremely careful when renaming records in mass. Things can get out of hand very easily.

Are you saying that you use your vendors Part no as your Item No.? If so this makes it quite difficult. I guess though its too late to use the Vendor Item No. field.

I think you should contact your Partner and have them develop a simple rename routine it will be faster cheaper and safer than anything you can do your self.