Multiple Invoice Number Seq

I want to genereate multiple number sequence for INvoice. depends on the Sales type

In sales order creattion in Sales Create order form I have add a field that is sales type,

Excise tax and Trade according to the Sales type I have generate to Numvber Sequence,

how to do where i have to do the coding, what code i ahve to write.

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I want to select the multiple Number sequence for invoice in which method the Sales invoice Number sequence is generated:

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The number sequence group in the sales Order → setup tab will help you to have differenet number sequences for different type of sales.

In this case you need to select the Number sequence group manually for different type of sales.(here you can go for a small custamization to get the number sequence group automtically when the sales type is selected).


Thaks for your reply, here already I am using this NumberSeq Group for Site selection,

according to my requirement, while creating S.O I have to select the site, multiple SO number seq i have to generate accoring to the site selection for SO,

But symultaniously it has to take Multiple invoiceNumSeq based on thd Site and SalesType ,

here sales type is User Defined Field,

Create a table with site , Number sequence group and salesType and create records with your required combinations.

get the Number sequence group from this table when the user selects the SalesType…

in the same way i have done for SO multiple NumSeq,

for that I have done some code in SalesTableType Class, for InvoiceId where & What i have to do the code to ,select NumSeq

Hi Kranthi,

I am not finding the InvoicedId in NumberSequenceGroup->Reference

and once more thing where we can stop the normal invoice NumSeq Generation

You can find the code for the invoice number generation in SalesFormLetter_Invoice

see allocateNumAndVoucher and initJournal methods in that class.

You can see the number sequence for sales invoice in AR parameters → number sequences tab → sales invoice and click the button group which will be enabled only for certain number sequences…(i suggest not to use that class - improper usage of that class may cuase problems)

Hi Sunil,

what solution u find for your requirement?Can you let me know what you have done.


Find below link, which shows a generalize code to use multiple number sequences.

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Mehul Thacker.