multiple header in report

I have created a report

I have a problem when i print multiple copies then for 1st copy it should print Original for 2nd it should Print duplicate and more then 2 it will print Extra copies

I have created a code and every things working fine but the it prints the First Value on each Copy that is original on all the Copies

I have checked the Data Set of report and the values are correct and i have Place the field in header using get data

So my problem is the report is only printing the First value i.e original on all Prints but in data set it is showing Original ,Duplicate & Extra Copy

i have checked the default report 204 ,406

i am not getting the Solution … Brick wall

Hi Divyesh,

  1. First check where did you put the Setdata() function. Is it at header of table currently?

  2. Put this function on body/Group part of table so that the things will get updated.



In Standard Report Sales Invoice (206)you can check the code on CopyLoop Data Item

You will get idea.