multiple flowfilters on one flowfield doesn't work

I have added a flowfield to the resource tabel for calculating the quantity of indirect hours out of the Job ledger entry tabel.

That flowfield has 3 flowfilters for filtering the Posting date, JobNo. and Job Task No…

It seems that in C/AL Code in a page it is not possible for setting those 3 filters at the same time to calculate the value of that field.

When I run the resource tabel direct form the object designer there is no problem.

Is there a property in C/AL that must be set first?

Where and how do you set “set of filters” for standard page usually?

I think you need to check this place first

If you have added a new flow field to the Resource table, then you also need to add whatever flow filters you are using. I think the Date Filter is standard, but you may need to add both a “Job No. Filter” and “Job Task Filter” field as well, and then set the filtering in the flow field to those fields.

But if you say it works when you run it directly (which version is it??) - then try to run it from the page, but turn on the debugger and watch the filters. They may already be set from the page if not working correctly.

The fields that I have added are:


and the properties of field 50003 are:


On the OnAfterGetRecord of the page the folowing filters are set and CALCFIELDS are calculated:

Tha datefilter is also set on an other place in the page.

The NAV version is 2017.

HI Are you getting Hoursleave correct and all others HoursSplLeave, timefor time and hourssick as wrong ??

Then as you can see you have taken one set of records and you are further filtering the same record with different parameters so obviously others would come as zero.

Is there a Res.COPY(Rec) in the OnAfterGetRecord() before the code you show, or how is Res assigned?

If have resolved that issue.

Every time before the calcfields function is executed I must reset the filters and set all the filters again.

Thats What i Have suggested.Happy to hear your issue has been resolved.