Multiple Field Usage

Hi All ,

what is the use of the Multiple field in Default order settings in the Item Master ?

Could please explain with an example.

Thanks in Advance.

It can be related to purch/inventory/sale. The number says, how many times must be order quantity multiplied. Acutally the system is not that restrictive. The system warns you, that qty is not multiple of lets say 3 and you can accept/reject rounding.

Example: Multiple for purch order is 3. Purchase quantity can be only 3,6,9,12,15… (multiple of 3).

Thanks for the explanation .

Still i did not understand your example .

In My database one item has in Default order Settings - Sales order - Multiple is 2 . Now when i create the sales order for 11 PCs for that item . System is throwing the message like

Multiple of 2.00 only.

Quantity here is 11.00 only

Rounded up to 12.00 .

My question how is rounding to 12 , I am not getting this rounding concept .

Please explain.

In your example: 11 is not multiple of 2, thats why the system warns you. The closest multiple of 2 is either 10 or 12. The AX rounds to higher value in this case…