Multiple Data Source levels in a View

I am trying to create a view to link multiple related tables together. I am able to add a “main” table under the Metadata->Data Sources tree of the view. From there, I add 2 sub-tables under the Data Sources for the main table and define the relations. Here is where it goes awry. I try to add a sub-table to one of the previously defined sub-tables (MetaData->Data Sources->Main Table->Data Sources->Sub Table->Data Sources->HERE) and Axapta crashes when I try to add a relation to that sub-sub-table. I can define the correct view using the SQL backend and it works fine, but for some reason, Axapta doesn’t like it when I add multiple levels of data sources. Is this a limitation in Axapta or is it a problem with my install (can anyone else have multiple levels of data sources?) Any ideas??? Thanks,

I figured out a little more about the problem. I believe it has something to do with adding two tables underneath the DataSources tree. Axapta only lets you add one table, but I selected two tables and dragged them to the tree at the same time and it appeared to work. I really need to link multiple tables together to have them on the same line in a report. I thought that a view would be the best solution to this…guess not. Is there any other way to do this?

I’m also disappointed with Views. You can add data from other tables by writing display methods on the view.