Multiple Companies

I have been asked to investigate whether Navision can operate with a single sales ledger posting into multiple general ledgers, based on department code or business unit. I am right in assuming that this can not be achieved?

In a stict sense - no - Navision does not handle inter-company transactions like this. There are add-ons out there for this type f thing. However, why not just have everything post into one general ledger and the run reports based on a dimension that you’ve set up as “Company Code”. Unless I’m missing something here, that would solve your problem of having a single sales ledger posting to multiple general ledgers. Daniel Day Developer Elliott Davis Technology Solutions

Its not Impossible, but also is not that easy. Daniels idea is the best especially if its a company group as all the group accounting is made much easier, but the individual companies data it still available. Also intercompany transactions are much more logical using this database setup. The problems come when you deal with different companies in different currencies. Paul Baxter