Multiple Companies User Portal

We need to implement User Portal for a customer that has 2 companies in one 3.60 Navision database. Users should logon to one or the other of the companies. Has anyone done this? Any idea? Thanks, Carmen

There are two ways: 1) Use a second webserver and a different client acting as the UPAS looged into company 2. 2) Get your user portals to dump transactions into a database that is not company specific. Then write posting routines that are run from within Navision to pull records out of that table to post into the proper company. Neither is a great solution. #1 is faster and expensive (another UPAS to buy) but #2 comes with potentially huge amounts of programming which may come close to the cost of #1. Good Luck Django

PS - You should talk to Len in your Winnipeg office. He might have ideas as well.