Multiple Client installation on single machine

Hello All,

I want to install multiple clients of Axapta 2009 on single machine without exporting the configuration. The reason behind this scenario is to publish the two clients on citrix server. I tried publishing the .axc config file but it doesn’t workds. Any ideas or solutions appreciated.

Thanks for kind support.


Let me see if I got this right - you are trying to run on the same machine clients that connect to multiple different AOS’s? And for this you tried to run the client using directly the .axc - but this didn’t worked because Citrix didn’t knew how to handle the .axc file?

yes you are right brother…Hitting the bull’s eye !!!..

Please help me on this.

solved it…

Basically, the citrix server gives access to users as remote login and profiles are created for those users. So, we have added the user to citrix server user group and logged into server. Then i have changed the config file to other AOS. Once login through citrix client, it works perfectly…

Kudoos to my manager fot this idea.