multiple business relations tied to one customer account

Is it possible to have more than one business relation linked to one customer account? If so, how is this done in AX 2009?


No I do not believe so it is a 1:1 relationship at that level.

Strange. Thanks.

Strange. Thanks.


What are you referring by business relation here and what’s your requirement?


I am referring to CRM.

The process is that the sales team works with the Business relation and work opportunities via the Business relation. The process dictates that the business relation represents the physical location of the customer. For example Cisco has locations around the world that sales may work with, but Cisco has only one bill to address. So to match the process we should have several business relations tied to one Customer Account.

Or you have multiple customers, one for each location and then each customer representing a location has the bill to address set as the single customer.