Multiple books and depreciations

Hi All, Prospective customer wants to be able to post transactions once but create entries in at least 3 ‘books’ - functional, reporting and statutory books. Firstly we dont handle 3 currencies. Secondly even between LCY and ACY we can post one sum to both books or either book, not a different sum to each book as prospect wants. Anyone faced this? Similarly, the prospect wants to create/maintain FA at one place-but when depreciations are done, three different rates could be applied and the depreciations thus arrived posted to these three books but with one operation. I am sure we can design something fancy with CHANGECOMPANY functions featuring prominently and three separate books etc etc, but not for a pre-sale demo! Has anyone faced this before? Apparently some of our competition does this out of the box, including OFA. Comments?

Hi, we did have a “LAZY” customer who wanted a lot of automation in FA. he wanted that he enters acquisition cost on the card and it be posted to all 3 books. I think that all you need is a batch job which will copy the transactions from one book and write to all other books. In fact you dont even have to write a batch job. Mark the field “Part of Duplication List” on the depreciation card as true. Now the transactions from this book can be copied to any other book. It can be done without any amount of customisation. After all its not worth effort for a “pre-sale demo!”

Hi Venu, I think I may not have been very clear - we are not talking about duplicating to other Depreciation Books, but maintaining 3 Depreciation Books so that the system posts the values from each book (which could be different) to three different LEDGERS i.e. it is as if you have three Navision companies in one DB: one is a ‘Master’ Company and you do a depreciation every month, this depreciation periodic job looks at 3 Dep Books in the ‘Master’ Navision company, creates 1 FA GL Jnl entry in the ‘Master’ company, 1 FA GL Jnl in a second Navision company and another in a third Navision company. Each Navision company is in a different currency, for different purposes (e.g. head office reporting, statutory reporting etc.) so they actually want to be able to control postings to THREE different ledgers but with one master file and one operation. In effect you end up with 99% entries being the same in all books, but the other 1% is different - e.g. on document GJ-0010 you could see Dr SGD 100 in one book (the Master book), SGD 50 in another book (maintained in USD) and SGD 20 in a third book (maintained in GBP). But the user would have posted just ONE GL Journal line with the facility to key in the amounts to be posted in the EXTRA books. The FA dep is the same principle, when you look at this logic.