Multiline spacing


I need Multiline spacing between each and every line in Classic field, even i given multiline property as Yes, but the line spacing is not coming. What to do and how to do to get the line spacing between the two lines.

Multi line is used print the field in more than one row…(if value is bigger)

If you want space between total row, leave some gap after body section…


I am asking in Classic not in RTC. “*** Twenty Three Crore Forty Five Lakh Sixty Seven Thousand Eighty Nine Rupees Only” this is the statement want to come in two line in Check, for me its coming in 2 lines without space. But I need space just 1.5 cm gap., If its RTC I wil make it. How to do in Classic

You can split the text into 2 variables and show them in 2 separate text boxes.

If you are using the standard report id.1401 then you will have to move the 2nd Textbox (DescriptionLine[2]).


I think in that way too, this is amount words, so if we split into two variable means, the character will come separated without meaning.

And another thing, i am new to this Nav, so only.

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sorry, I am not using that report Id.

hi , take two text variables(txt1,txt2). and on pre section split that main string into txt1 and txt2.

on the current section just show txt1.

And make another section , and insert the second variable(txt2) in that section ,

after that on that section write this code–CurrReport.showoutput(txt2<>’’);