multiline property

Hello, I try to find a way to use properly the multiLine property of labels. I need to have only one letter a line. (so it’s vertical). But the system only goes to a new line if there is a space between 2 characters. So, does someone know how I can create a new caption with a space between each letters. I tried with delstr but… Vanina [:I]

I would copy it into an array of chars and then print it. I cannot quite remember how exactly to do it, but if you need more help then let me know.

Sorry, it was a text box, no matter But the aim is not to print but to show (on a form) the legend of a graph vertically so it’s easyer to read for the user.

Hi Vanina, try this:


 newtext:= newtext + COPYSTR(oldtext,1,1) + ' ';
 oldtext:= COPYSTR(oldtext,2);
 i := i +1;
UNTIL i = max;

bye Andre

or to be more elegant newtext:=oldtext; // Where newtext is 2 time long of oldtext // for i:=1 to max-1 do newtext:=incstr(newtext,’ ',2*i); bye