multiline labels

Hello, a question : can you use multiline columnheadings (multiline labels?) on a report ? Thx in advance, Kathleen

Yes you can. /Pelle

Pelle, Can you also tell me how I can do this? (I’ve tried to dynamically create the label with a “\n” in the middle → I get two lines, but the width of the column (set to auto) does not decrease ?) Kathleen

Kathleen, you cannot change the size of the label dynamically nor the multiline property. You need to set the property Multiline of the label to yes. By the way, this also is valid for normal text fields, though I have not tried to force a line break with “”. Saludos Nils

If I look at the properties of the label of the string, then I do not see a multiline property for the label ?? We are considering the same topic : Microsoft Navision Axapta, V3.0 : creating a report, string in a sectiongroup body of a report design ?

If you are talking about Navision Attain here then you have to set MultiLine property to the TextBox not Label [;)].

You could try using TextBoxes instead of labels. Also you could create some sort of array to insert the column headings instead of many variables.