Multiline discounst configuration

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Could any one help the baby steps to configure the Multiline discount for Sales or Purchase in AX 2012 ?( I am getting confused how to configure ).

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Multi line discount - Similar to Line discounts. The difference is AX takes into account all eligible lines from the any SO/ PO. So you can set up discounts for quantity based on the total ordered quantity of several items - you cannot do that with the Line discounts. For example - I Sell Item A,B,C and I want to give my customer (or Vendor) a 10% discount if they buy 3 Items (I don’t mind if they buy 2 items of type A and 1 type B or 3 Items of type C only, I still give them the discount). My condition is Quantity should be 3.

You need to create multiline discount group and assign it at Item form (Price/discount (tab))

Go to SO/PO, In TA> Multiline Discount> Mention currency, item code, item group, Quantity (Ex: 10), Discount (Ex: 5) and save.

Ex: In the SO/PO, Price 100 and As you specified quantity as 10 and discount as 5 and when you calculate the discount by selecting Calculation > Multiline discount. It will show you the calculation as : 100 * 10 = 1000 and Discount is 10 * 5 = 50 , So net amount will be 1000 - 50 = 950.

Now Net amount will be : 950.


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Can you explain how to create the Multiline discount group and here i what i need to select and where i need to define the percentages.

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In Inventory management > Setup > Price/discount > Item discount group. In this form you have show option where you can find Line & Multiline discount group.

Select Multiline discount group and create it. Go-to Item form > Price / discount (tab), assign newly created Multiline discount group at Multiline discount at Base Purchase & Base Sales Prices.> save it.

In the SO/PO as i have mentioned in the 1st post do the TA> Multiline setups and do calculation. You can specify percentages at Multiline discount form at bottom you have fields Discount Percentage 1 & 2… in these 2 field you can mention percentage of discount.

Once you do Calculation > Multiline discount and you can view whether discounts applied to line or not by going into Price/Discount (tab) in the SO/PO line.