multiclient environment...

Hi people… Has anyone had a situation where he has to use to client versions on one db?

In my situation, we have to use 3.6 & 3.7 client executables on one db. As far as I can see, 3.7 executables does not converts db and db is accessible by both versions. Different versions are needed because some languages and stxs simply does not exists on 3.7 versions (and I need them).

Now I’m interested in next few questions:

  • Would you go with this multiclient environment? (What kind of problem can I expect if part of clients runs 3.6 and other part 3.7 executables)?

  • Did you have such a situation and / or what will be your suggestion?

  • Haven’t tested yet but, would 3.6 client have a problem connecting to 3.7 native db server? I suppose that 3.6 client will not have a problem connecting to MS SQL server that has Navision DB with 3.7 clients on it.


just tried to access 3.7 native DB Server with 3.6 client and as I supposed, it is not allowed…

You should never run a setup where you have multiple version of your client working against the same database. NAV 3.60 clients would normally not be able to connect to a 3.70 database.

My big question though is, why do you have to use this multi client environment? Why not just upgrade all clients to the latest version?

Actually many times you should just go ahead and update the the latest client directly. Even if you’re not upgrading the database (objects), then you would be able to benefit from the new updates (and error fixes) done to the latest version. So in your case I would just go ahead and update to the latest version of the 3.70 client (think it’s called 3.70.B).

Problem is that there is no localization (by that I mean GUI and STX) for 3.7version for this area (Balkans).

I cannot upgrade to version that does not exists :slight_smile: Other part of clients company is not under our jurisdiction and we are kind of “stucked to” find a solution to connect to database that is meant to be accessed by 3.7 exec version.

A solution could be to install w1 version of 3.7 and go with english GUI but some requirements must be met (at least some documents has to be in local language but how to enable it?)