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How can I select multi values from Dimension Value Table.

I can have a text field with “ClearonLookup” property set to No. Then the problem rises when I select same combination with different order (a,b,c = c,a,b). Since I set the field’s data type as field I’m facing the ordering issue.

How can I make multi selection that orders by dimension value’s code and return me 1 string? :cry::cry::cry:

Please, help! ](

Hi Amaraa,

By default then the system will always display the dimensions in the order of the value. So it will always be A, B, C and not C, A, B. The reason is that the typical fields in dimension line tables are Dimension Code and Dimension Value. To do what you are requesting it would require an additional key field, ex. Line No.

Sorry I think I didn’t express myself clear.

First of all I have not much experience on Navision. And I don’t know how can I select multiple lines at a time, so I made it like totaling in charts of accounts.

So, the problem rises because people not alway go from the top to the bottom.

If there is a way to choose multi lines at a time please give me a hint.

I don’t want to do as report 91 does. I like the idea but it is going to take 1 more table with it.

There are some ways of doing this. Take foir instance a look at standard form 22 (Customer List); there are two functions: GetSelectionFilter and SetSelection.

To use GetSelectionsFilter do like this:
(foCustList points at form 22; txFilterStr is a text-variable)

txFilterStr := foCustList.GetSelectionFilter;

Try it…

Thank you, it worked fine.

is there anyway that I can take all values with ‘|’ delimiter? I don’t want the ‘…’ be there and hide the values between.

Sorry, I’m new in Navision so I don’t understand the code fully, and for now I have no idea how to change that.

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If this is u want ?

I resolved this problem, If u need, I can show u the example.

I got my multiselection (I’m working on 5.0). But now I want to get rid of ‘…’ option, that hides the values between.

I’d like to see all the selected values on multiselection with ‘|’ delimiter.



Look like the same thread

Thanks guys,

the problem is solved :wink: [Y]