Multi select lookup issue


I have a requirement where i need to show multiselect lookup on a field and should be able to save selected values.So that when user oepns the form next time, he should be able to see the values selected by him.

I am using “SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl” class to get multiselect lookup. I am able to do that.

But i am not able to save the selected lookup values so that when user opens the form he can add/remove values from the lookup.

Appreciate your help !!!



If you make this process with using your own class, check whether you can extends RunBase class if so then you can store the value in the Pack and unPack methods.



have you used SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl class in out of grid or inside grid. If you used within grid field please share your work with me.

I am also able to do that out of grid control but when i have tried with grid field, AX client is crash.

Let me know if possible than.