Multi select lookup for India GER export to GSTR CSV report

We need to select the Registration number for multi select lookup in GER export to GSTR CSV report.

Path: General ledger/Area page/Reports/India/ under the Excise tab we have (GER export to GSTR CSV)


Please suggest me any one


You need to be using SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl for that purpose. For reference see, Class\CustInterestCreate

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Hi kranthi,

i have already tried. but we are not able to get the lookup.
Please check the below code once if any mistake guide me.

QueryBuildDataSource qbds;
SysTableLookup sysTableLookup;
SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl sysLookupMultiSelectCtrl;

Query q = new Query();

qbds = q.addDataSource(tableNum(TaxRegistrationNumbers_IN));
qbds.addRange(fieldNum(TaxRegistrationNumbers_IN, TaxType)).value(queryValue(TaxType_IN::GST));
qbds.addRange(fieldNum(TaxRegistrationNumbers_IN, RegistrationType)).value(queryValue(TaxRegistrationType_IN::Company));
sysTableLookup = SysTableLookup::newParameters(tableNum(TaxRegistrationNumbers_IN), _formControl);
sysTableLookup.addLookupfield(fieldNum(TaxRegistrationNumbers_IN, RegistrationNumber), true);

// sysLookupMultiSelectCtrl = SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl::construct(FormRun, RegistrationNumber, q);


SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl::construct(FormRun, RegistrationNumber, q);
The second parameter for construct method is the formControl, _formControl.

I have given you an example - \Classes\CustInterestCreate\dialogPostRun

Hi kranthi,

Thanks for your reply. I will check from my side and will get back to you .