Multi Payment with Multi invoice

In our client, 1 payment could pay many invoices. And 1 invoice, could be paid by many payments.

A payment, could pay many invoices, and still got remaining amount.
And invoice, the same, after paid by many payments, could still have remaining amount.

How to get the amount paid by a payment to an invoice?
I mean, for example, a payment applied for 5 invoices. How did i know, the amount paid for the 3rd invoice?

Thanks, & sorry if I post in the wrong section.

Assume that you made payment1 to multiple invoices (1 to 5). Then in the ledger entries (of customer/vendor) put your cursor on that payment 1. Down below you will find a tab called application, and a dropdown which has got “Applied entries”. Click on it and a screen will open which will show all the invoices applied. You will find a column called “amount” and another one called " closed by amount". These two should tell you how much was applied.



Thx Sabu,

I suppose, what you mean is form customer ledger entries (form id:25).

First, I put my cursor on payment 1, then in the bottom, I click the menu Entry → Applied Entries.

Indeed, it will shows all the invoices paid by payment 1. But the problem is, the payment not always close an invoice or closed by invoice.

So both the payment & the invoice, could be still open.


I am still not sure what you are looking for. Are you applying payment of partial amounts to 5 different invoices.?

There are different ways to look at the open outstandings. Filter on column open and it will give you still remaining unapplied invoices.

Or as I had said earlier, go to payment and look at applied entries will give you the amount and applied amount of that payment.

Or look at the invoice which you want to see if applied and click on applied entries to get which payment entry was applied to it.

Or look at the remaining amount column and it will give you the balance still left on that invoice which is not yet applied.

If you can show by eg. it will be easier to understand. Like they say a picture is = 1000 words.



Thanks Sabu. Ok i’ll try to explain it using example.

For example:

Payment A, amount 1000, remaining amount 200. Invoices Paid:

  • Inv A, 300
  • Inv B, 500

Payment B, amount 500, remaining amount 300. Invoices Paid:

  • Inv A, 150
  • Inv C, 50

Inv A, amount 1200, applied amount by Payment A 300, applied amount by Payment B 150, remaining amount 750

Inv B, amount 700, applied amount by Payment A 500, remaining Amount 200

Inv C, amount 200, applied amount by Payment B 50, remaining Amount 150

If I go to payment, & look at applied entries, there is no applied amount for each invoice.
For example, if I go to Payment A & look at applied entries. It only shows:

  • Inv A, amount 1200
  • Inv B, amount 700
    So there is no applied amount (300 for Inv A, 500 for Inv B).

If I look to remaining Amount column of Inv A, there is detailed entry for Inv A with document No = Payment A, with amount = 300 (its mean, payment A paid 300 to Inv A, this is the information that I want)

The problem is, how I do this in report?
The report wants to show, the payment with its applied invoices informations (inv no, inv amount, applied ammount).

Hope my explanation can clear my question. Sorry for my english.


If you click on payment and look at applied entries, then unhide column, you can see one column called closedby and shows by which amount that invoice has been applied to in the payment.

Alternatively, if you go to customer -detail trial balance report, there is a “applied to doc” column. It should show the payment and the list to where it is applied.



Hi Sabu,

Thanks for the reply. If you see in my example, all of the document (invoice or payment), still have remaining amount, so the closedby column will still 0. Because it hasn’t closed yet.