Multi-location Transactions

Hi all I want to run my application in more than one locations under same company. But from each location I want to view/edit the transactions (viz. Purchase Order, Sales Order etc) raised from that location only. Say, HO is the head office, which has offices in the locations A & B under the same company. Location A will be able to work with the transactions raised from A only. Same for location B. But HO will be able to view all the transactions(including transactions of location A & B). Is it possible under the same company or I have to create different company for individual locations? Thanks in advance for your replies. Krishnendu

hi Roy, i think you can use record level security … you can find it in Administration > Security > Record Level Security hope it’s help regards, Danang Ismu .S.

Hi Ismu Thanks for your reply. To impose record level security, I have to write a query specifying the filter criteria with respect to User Group and Table. That is, ‘UserGroup A’ will be able to see the transactions of Location A. My question is which field in the Transaction tables specifies the location of the transaction? More clearly, how can I identify from a transaction record that it has originated from Location A. Thanks Krishnendu

Hello. I am new to Axapta, but I would probably try to implement this using 2 companies (Company A and Company B), then make a virtual company that is allowed to see the transactions made by both companies. I am not sure about how to actually implement the above, but this is the theory I would be working with. Using companies allows you to be sure that data from location A really was created by location A. In the tables, you will see a data area ID. This is filled in with the company name. When viewing a company, you can only see data where the dataAreaID = the company name. Maybe you could even make a query: SELECT * FROM (tableName) WHERE dataAreaID = “A” || dataAreaID = “B” to show records from company A and B. I am not sure of the implications of using this approach, but it could work. If anyone sees anything wrong with what I have written, please reply so I can learn the correct way. I hope this helps, Simon Batchelder

Hi Roy, maybe you can use one of the dimension field … for example : department … so everytime location “A” do a transaction they must input department to a spesific dimension example department “A” … same case you can do with location “B” … or maybe you can define your own field … it’s depend on your situation … hope it’s help :slight_smile: regards, Danang Ismu .S.

Thanks Ismu for your suggestion. Considering Location as a dimension this problem can be overcome. Creating a new Field would be a lot customization through out the product. Anyway, lets see. It is a very important issue. Hi Simon, the question of virtual company does not arise here as I am working with only one company with branches in distributed locations. Anyway thanks for your response.

hi krish, Please use cost center for your branches, as each of your branch will have departments. Also u need to setup user groups and record level securities for that users for restricting them from accessing other data. Please check whether some of the users can access both the branches data, then you need to create separate user groups for such users where u can specify the permissions.

Thanks Vaibhav