Multi Location - Requirement Planing Demand


  • “LOC1” is the main warehouse were items are manufactured, raw material is kept, and/or purchased items are resold.
  • "LOC2 " is an overseas location where many purchased Items are to be initially recieved.
  • Purchase Demand and Production Demand is all at “LOC1”. When Req Worksheet Calcs the plan, all the Demand is at “LOC1”

How do I go about Setting up or Configuring the system to create Demand and/or allow Receipt at “LOC2” to supply the requirements of “LOC1”? Once received a Transfer Order can be generated to move the Items to LOC1 via an In-Transit Location.

I’m open to suggestions and alternative approaches.

You need to use SKU’s and set the replenishment to be a transfer order from LOC2.

Working just fine now. Wish I had a way to default all of these Items to Transfers from the location rather than Purchase. It sure would save me several hours.