Multi location filter in Employee Ledger

Dear Experts,

One issue i am facing problem in Employee Ledger Report.

When i run the report with single Dimension code its running fine, But when more than one Dimension Code the report does not showing running balance properly. Please any one give me the solution.

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Please always mention which version are you using and whether it is standard report or customized?

microsoft navision 2013

it is customized report

Its difficult to guess what you have done in report.

Which table have you used in report?

How are you filtering on Location? Using Code or ReqFilterFilter?

Analysis View entry…sir i made 1 report employee ledger in that running balance for starting 3 employee is fine when it is run on multiple entries running balace shows incorrect

What is wrong here and what are you expecting from report?

sir check out the last entry for employee 138 first entry is correct and for the second entry it should come 20000 but it is adding opening balance same for the next entry credit amount is 20000 again it is adding that opening balance…ebven i have written the running balance code (decrunbal := OpBalDr - OpBalCr +TransDebits -TransCredits;)

Activate Debugger and check …

Dear friend,

Are you add any condition to hide the records comes in table/report body?

so if it is present then you must add same condition in dataitem to skip value comes in your running balance.