Multi-line Production Order

As per the PDF Document, One should be able to create Project Production Order with multi lines against a multi line sales order. How ever, when I try to create the Project Production order (for all the lines in a Sales Order) from the Sales Order, individual Production Orders are created instead of creating One Multi line Production order. Required clarification…

Hi Raja, I am confused on your requirements. I would like to know in what scenario a multiline production would be required?Pl. clarify as i am also finding this very interesting.Till now i hv never come across such a production order. Regards, Dharmendra Desai

Hi Raja I believe there was an issue around the Project order in 3.10, which was resolved in 3.60. If you read the 3.60 documentation under manufacturing you will see the following


A383) Unable to Create a Project Production Order from a Sales Order Error It was impossible to create a project production order from a sales order with dimensions. This has been corrected. Codeunit 99000787 Create Prod. Order Lines Codeunit 99000792 Create Prod. Order from Sale Service System reference: GB-91-522-MJWZ DE-514-24-GDHD NO-590-37-2KQ4 GB-730-574-KGPQ Internal Workbase reference: E2FC763F029DF35EC1256BA6002D672A

As for you Dharmendra, from the sales order under the order button you have a planning option, from here you can select functions and create production order. You are then faced with a screen that asks for the production order status of the order you want to create and the prder type, you have two order types, Item Order or Project Order. Item Order - an individual production order is created for each line on the sales order. Project Order - a single production order is created for all lines on the sales order. I hope this helps.