Multi line discount


I have done the setup for Multi line discount for sales orders.

while i am on the sales order lines, i can see the discount appearing on the PRICE/DISOUNT tab,

but when i click on the Calculation–multi line discount, nothing happens,

any advice


Is it configured in the price/discount activation setup? What is the multi-line parameter setting?


I have activated the price/discount under the Accounts Receivable-Setup i have ticked for all combinations.

but I don’t know how to setup “multi-line parameter setting” as mentioned by you.

can you please tell me where do i find the same.


Sales Ledger - Setup - Parameters - Prices Tab - Discount field.

Actually you have not configured the multi line disc properly …just configure it and then calculate…

It was two years ago and they never came back to the post, so pretty sure they have it now [:D]

Thanks a lot for your time.

Kindly consider it closed