Multi levels Work Order


I amto able to reproduce a multilevel Work order using NAV 2009 . Is there a bug here?

I have an item that has 3 levels of BOM all of them using MRO as manufacturing policy but when i refresh the released order, only one line shows. what is it missing ?


Now create a Sales Order and from ther run Order → planning and see ur production order it will show you two lines. And it was same in earlier versions as well. To have it Make to Order u should run through Order it is as simple as that.

YOur main item and lower level semi finished items should have

  1. Manufacturing Policy = Make to Order

  2. Re ordering Policy = Order.

Than only it works.

BTW, I am just imeplementing NAV 2009 and multilevel production orders have been tested. It works fine.

Thanks both of you.

My mistakes : no MTO on all subassemblies items.

It works well.

Then mark it as solved pls, it shows in active topics.[:)]