Multi-levels group in FA report

Hi everbody,

I want to make a FA report like this:

Name Start Amount Addition Disposal End Amount

FA Class Code 1 0 1500 0 1500

FA Subclass Code1 0 1500 0 1500

Camera 0 500 0 500

Computer 0 1000 0 1000

FA Subclass Code 2 …

FA Class Code 2…

I found the Book Value 01 report and I must modify it. How should I do? Please help me.

Thanks and Regards.


A place to start would be to add a new key to table 5600 Fixed Asset, which consists of both those 2 fields.

Then you have to add the totalling-level to the option string of the variable the user chooses from in the requestform.
In the OnPreDataitem-trigger of Fixed Asset you have to add the new option-value to the CASE-statement, where you set the new key as current key.

Then you have to modify the functions that create the group-header text, group-footer text and maintains the totals.
Here you have to use the Currreport.TOTALSCAUSEDBY function to determine which of the 2 fields generated the total.
The maintaining of the totals might call for a new function, that totals on a new set of decimal-varables regarding the totals of FA Class-level.


Thank you very much. The groupheader text and body section run well but the total is not. I don’t know how to make a “look-ahead” total. I’ll try more.

Have a nice weekend.