Multi Legal Entity with mulit time zone

We have setup a Legal Entity A with GMT+5:00 Time Zone, another Legal Entity B with GMT +8:00 Time Zone.

however it appears that the date formats and other date fields use the System Date Company A, which is pulled from the AOS servers itself ( correct ? ).

What are some best practices for a multi-aos deployment with legal entities in various countries?


On New purchase order form, there is delivery and accounting dates. we are working on Legal entity B, it shows the wrong date because the AOS is located in Legal Entity A’s timezone ( windows server regional settings ).

we want that system should get receipt dat, invoice date of Legal Entity B instead of A.

Rana Adil

Time zone is normally taken from the user, not the company. It seems that your preferred time zone (File > Tools > Options > Preferred time zone) is GMT+5. You can change it there to whatever you like.

Where the AOS is located it irrelevant, because data are saved to database in UNC. Time zones are applied only when displaying data to users.

Thanks Martin for your replay

but i have check this when i receive that PO system get date from AOS Server not from Client


Legal Entity B China post a Purchase Order on 30th march. (China is UTC +8)

on same day at 10:PM when user of china receipt that PO it get Receipt Date 31st March because AOS Server is located in Pakistan.

how system get receipt date of local time zone

What field are you referring to? Is it a normal date field (maintained by AX application) or the CreatedDateTime field (maintained by AX kernel). What UTC value do you see in database?

Dear Adil,

Kindly note that AX stores data and time values in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Whereas user(s) preferred time zone is used only when displaying dates and times. (See Technet Web link provided below).

Let me know, if this helps you!

To set user time zone,

  1. Open Microsoft Dynamics AX client, click File > Tools > Options….

  2. Click General. In the Preferred time zone field, select a time zone.