Multi currency transaction


I have made a transaction of bank payment to my vendor in USD.

Then for the same vendor I am creating a purchase invoice which is in YEN.

My base currency is INR and I want to book realized FX gain / loss at the time of application.

I have tried relational currency scenario but it is not posting gain loss entry.!!

Can anyone please help how to set this up in NAV…?

Thanks in Advance.

Jainal Shah

All you need to do is allowing application between currencies.

Set Appln.between currencies to ALL in Sales/Receievables and Purchases/Payments Setup, and when you’ll post the payment/invoice application, Navision will post FX gains/losses, too.

Of course you need to set up corresponding GL Accs for gain/loss posting for Currencies. (if you haven’t, system will raise an error message, so this you can’t miss)

Hi Modris,

Your solution works where there are only 2 currencies. One is alien currency and another is the base currency.

But what I am doing is that payment transaction is in say USD, Invoicing is done in say EUR and my local currency is INR.

Now what I need is I want to apply transactions of USD vs EUR but I need FX in INR and also there should not be any amount left in “remaining amount (LCY)” field.

Requesting you to help me in this type of case.


Jainal Shah

If there is remaining Amt after posting all transactions and applications, caused by FX rates, and you know that there will be no further payments or CMs, you must manually zero it out through Journal to gains/loss accounts. To hit Vendor, you must use AccType=Vendor, not it’s corresponding GL Account.

System can’t do it automatically, as it can’t distinguish was it a partial payment or deal is closed and remaining Amt (Loss) is caused by FX rates. It can be gain, too, BTW.