Multi-companies & Consolidation

Does anybody know why it is so difficult to get a consolidated view of anything other than the G\L, in a multi-company installation of NF? For instance: Try getting a consolidated debts list, or a consolidated assets list and for that matter, what about a simple list of employees? I’ve tried using Excel & C\ODBC for this, but it is hardly a satisfactory solution if every companies data has to be returned to a separate worksheet. Any suggestions will be gratefully received!!!

Hi, Report that print lists from all companies is not a problem. The main problem is setup relationship between objects in different companies (It is the same as consolidated Debit and Credit Account in the GL). As you add these fields and setup these relationships you can create the same dataports in any module and consolidate. Or you can have Setup company that will have list of all Customers, Items… and all companies will have the same Card with the same Number. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

One way to get around some of these problems would be to set the DataPerCompany property to “No” on the desired tables. I recently did an installation where we did this to several tables, including the Chart of Accounts (aka the G/L Account table)— as well as the Customer and Vendor tables. God help you, though, if the customer decides she wants to go back to having a different Chart of Accounts for her various companies. A more complicated, though safer, procedure might be to keep DataPerCompany set to Yes while synchronizing the tables. You could synchronize them using code in the various OnInsert triggers, or you could update the tables automatically with batch jobs which would be run as Periodic Activities. ------- Tim Horrigan

Hi Thanks for your replies, however, we’re not experienced navision coders here and I was hoping for a better solution than having to produce a report and then re-key the data in to another application. My ultimate goal would be to produce a half decent HR database (probably in MS Access) that is linked to Navision and refreshes some data from there.