MTO Planning -- Need Help

Hi, I have a problem in the MTO planning. I have Sales order for an Item A with a Shipment Date 04/30/03, The user promptly run the MRP run to get a suggestion for making a production order for the Item A. The Production People start production to complete the Order, they are only posted partial Eg: if Order Qty is 10000 the User post 2000 on the 04/15 (say today). The Sales Register a new order for the same Item A on 04/29/03 for shipment of 15000. The user again run the MRP for upto 04/30/03. THis time he get two new suggestions. viz. 8000 for Due date of 04/30 15000 for due date of 04/29 The first Released prod. order for 10000 still exists but the tracking and Reservation on that order is lost. Because of this the planning is in a chaos, as there are atleast 2000 Finished goods items. Help is appreciated. Working on Ver 3.10A plus hot fix upto 7. Thnx,

Hi Prashanth Thanks for the online message - I tried to reply but got a bounce back from your email account - still I hope you are well. I have loaded your example up on my system and can only get it to generate an order for 15000 due on 29/04 which I would expect in an MTO environment. I searched the service requests for a description of your issue but nothing matched - can you test the same scenario in 3.60 and does it do the same? I have used a new item with no BOM and routing (for simplicity) that runs through production with the cronus MTO requisition method set against it. Let me know how you get on! [:D]

Hi Prasanth, Have you tried the tracking option in the manufacturing set up.? In your case I feel it should be no tracking only. Change that to ‘Tracking amd action messages’ & try again. Though I have not tried (Hv 3.60 only) your scenario, i shall surely do it on Monday & try to find out. Regards, DD