MTO, byproducts and loading

hello can someone explain how to handle byproducts in make to order environment? Also, is there a specific document which can explain how can we make scheduling for some operation or subassembly which can be made with more then one team of workers?

Marko, Try giving negative item quantities in Production BOM. (The same way as you do in sales returns.) I had heard long back a friend saying that he used the same way to define by prodcuts.Have never tried it myself. Regards, DD

What about coproducts, you for example print one sheet of paper, on which you have 2x item A, one time item B and one item C how do you handle this situation?

Hi Marko Do you mean a standard Bill? One finished (sub-assembley) item consumes paper, 2x item A, 1x Item B, and 1x item C

Hi Marko, You cannot handle the By-Products and the Co-products in Navision Attain, this is specific to the Process Industry environment. The difference is in the costing of these products. Although the Co-product is an item that comes by producing a different end item. The co-products shares a certain cost of production after each Production order. But By-products in principle is an unintended product but because of the process you will land with the By-product so these products do not have and production cost and they must be valued at market price. Although you can handle this by using the -ve quantities in the BOM. You can do it only with Standard Costing environment. That means you are already violating the valuation of BY-products and Co-products. You need to do a lot of customization like in defining a Master Recipe and have a separate costing module to calculate and post these cost.