MSMQMessage empty in VBA

Hello, We are developing application outside Navision in VBA. To communicate with Navision we use MSMQ and Navision Communication Components on both sides. We send a little XML message ‘Test’. Everything works fine except that we cannot manage InStream in VBA. No error on “DOM.Load InMsg.GetStream” but when we save the message, it is always empty. Somebody can help us !! Private Sub Sync_Send_Click() Dim SentCorrectly As Integer Set OutMsg = CC2.CreateoutMessage(“Message queue://”) DOM.Load FileToSend.Text DOM.Save OutMsg.GetStream Set InMsg = OutMsg.SendWaitForReply(2000) If InMsg Is Nothing Then MsgBox “InMessage is empty!” Else DOM.Load InMsg.GetStream DOM.Save ReadFileSave.Text [:(] Always empty InMsg.CommitMessage End If End Sub