MSMQ and the DMZ

I need some advice about using MSMQ , NAS and the DMZ.

The situation is that a Web Server is installed in a DMZ. This has MSMQ installed and the Private queues can be accessed from external applications over the internet. This is fine. For testing purposes the Queues have been set to allow Full Access to all users, Internet accounts etc.

Navision and the NAS sit on a server within the DOMAIN - the other side of the firewall. We need Navision via the NAS to monitor the private queue on the remote machine in the DMZ. However we are getting messages about the Remote computer not being available.

I believe that the solution may lie in the queue format name.

Navision has a parameter to store the appropriate Path and queuename. The BusAdapter method OpenReceiveQueue has been tested using the interger properties for Protocol and Mode - 0,0 1,0 The same message appears.

If the parameters are changed to 1,1 then a message comes up about the Queue does not exist or you do not have permission…

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this. I think that what we are trying to achieve is a standard requirement - that is to allow Navision to use MSMQ which is updated on a secure, remote computer.


Hey Darren,

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If your using SQL2005 back end you thought about using HTTP End Points instead?


Hi Tony,

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As for this HTTP End PoOints - tell me more. What is it, what does it do? I don’t think that the customer is using SQL2005 but if it solves the problem…

I sent them to the T-M account???

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Have a look at this [Link ^] about end points.

Not 100% sure it will work for you. I’ve not actually set one up, just know its there as standard!