MSMQ and MSMQ Journal --> first disabled, then enabled automatically when NAS restarts - WHY??


I have an application, that listens to MSMQs. Everything works fine. When I set up the application at the customer, I activated the Journal of the MSMQ. Now I recognized that the Journal is growing larger and larger, because nobody purges the queues. In fact, we don’t need the journal, so I purged it and deactivated it for the queue.

Some days later, I recognized, that there are again messages in the journal of the reply queue. I first thougt I made a mistake and purged it again und deactivated it again.

Now, the same again. So I tried to find out the cause of this behaviour.

  1. Purging Queue and disabled jorunal works as long as the NAS (MSMQ Listener) is not restarted

  2. When restaring the NAS (MSMQ Listener Codeunit) the reply queue journal is set to “Activated = TRUE” automatically, although it was deactivated before.

Has anyone an idea how to solve this? I dont’t want the journal to be activated.

A Work around would be, to write a small program thar purges the queues periodically. But I hope, it can be solved easier.

Have a nice day!


Hello Gregor By activating, do you mean you right click on the queue and uncheck Journal Enabled check box from computer Management? This is how I disable Journaling on msmq folder

Hello Rashed,

yes this is exactly the way I deactivate the journal function. I uncheck the Box in the MSMQ Settings.

When restaring the NAS, the Box is checked again.



One workaround is to use MSMQ automation instead of NAV automation and read the data from message queue.