MSDNAV 5.0 Beginners Certification


Could You Please anybody tell me about the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Beginners Certification and related materials i have to go through.

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Hi Janardhan & Welcome to Dynamics User Group.

I believe the beginner should not be worried about certification rather initially concentrate on learning the concepts and the product.

What are you technical or functional consultant?

A techie / developer should study the w1w1adg.pdf or Installation & Configuration related document, if you are a microsoft partner, then you can get these documents from partnersource or in product DVD…

Good luck

Hi Dhan Raj,

Thanks for your Reply,

Iam in learning stage and just completed Nav Attain Objects & C/AL PDFs. I have to take certification on “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 C/SIDE Introduction-Exam MB7-514”. So please, if you any dumps related to this certification send those to me.

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People here on this website don’t support such cheating.


ohhhhhhhhh, sorry i dont know. Any way thanks for your kind reply.

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If you really ‘completed’ the right training material, you won’t need exam dumps. If you need exam dumps to pass, you did not ‘complete’ any proper training. If you pass without the proper training, if braindumps are the key element of you passing the exam, you don’t deserve the certification.

By ‘proper training’ I mean self study, instructor led classroom training, e-learning, anything that gets you to understand the material. Memorizing exam questions does not give you any understanding.


I just asked dumps to see the pattern of the exam. Not to Mug up the questions. I am not in a hurry to take certification. After understanding each & every concept only i will go for certification. Anyway thanks for your suggestions.



The format is pretty simple:

  1. Question

A) Answer 1
B) Answer 2
C) Answer 3
D) Answer 4

Choose one or sometimes more than one.