MSAgent from Navision to Users

Hi,All This sample maybe usefull for users. C/AL Globals variable: MSA := Automation,‘Microsoft Agent Control 2.0’.Agent; PERSON :=Automation,‘Microsoft Agent Control 2.0’.IAgentCtlCharacter; //OnInitReport// CREATE(MSA); MSA.Connected:=TRUE; MSA.Characters.Load(‘merlin’,‘merlin.acs’); PERSON:=MSA.Characters.Item(‘merlin’); PERSON.Show(0); PERSON.MoveTo(500,100,2000); PERSON.Play(‘Congratulate’); Best regards, [:o)]

Hi Valery, I have implemented this in Navision. I had it linked to various things that the user had to do like appointments, approval of orders a.s.o. So when you got in Navision Merlin or Peedy or Robby would pop up and tell you what you had to do. While it is a very nice feature for demos we found that after a while it was getting very annoying to have him talk to you whenever you got in :slight_smile: So we disabled it and lost interest. Again it is nice though for sales demos and I am glad to see that were other people that “wasted” their time with it. Cristi