MS Word Automation & Reports

Hi guys, I wanted to know, how to write a report that produces output into a word document, I know there is a mail merge available in MBS4 and has an excellent feature to export data to Excel, but if an option to export Invoices and other documents to MS Word is provided it will be an added touch. What do you’ll think, I know save as HTML is available, but from a users perspective it will save some amount of work. I am testing a report to produce the output in word where I have 2 automation variables to word app and word doc, but how do I write data to word is something i am not able to figure out. Cheer !! Vishal

I confess I haven’t confirmed the following information as I don’t have anything related to Navision with me right now. [:I] You can find an example of Word automation in the PDF-Manual “Aplication Designer’s Guide” w1w1adg.pdf which is available on the Doc folder in Navision’s Product-CD. There is, if I remember correctly, a chapter called something like “Expanding C/AL” where they included both an automation example with Word and an automation example with Excel. Look it up and take it from there. When you run across a problem, search the forum for the specific function where you are stuck and chances are it’s already been discussed somewhere in here. Good luck!