MS Visual Source Safe

I’m planning to use Visual Source Safe for a Navision project and I was wondering how many people out there use. Any tips are welcome. IE : What file name convention do you use when splitting up all objects in a text files s individual files (ie :table36.txt, form46.txt ?)

I’ve used SourceSafe for other, non-Navision projects, and it does some things well: It stores text or binary files. It keeps historical files when updates are done. You can branch out your ‘projects’. It also has some problems: In VB, I found that if I checked objects out in VB instead of closing VB and opening SourceSafe, I got some odd errors. There were a few times that we had to recreate our SS files and our local project files - thankfully one or the other, not both at one time. I don’t think it will work effectively with large files, although I havent tried it. That said, the biggest problems won’t happen since you aren’t using a development platform that’s tied into SS. And if you are planning on exporting the objects into separate files, whether txt or for, that takes care of the second problem. I can’t say which is the better option for file formats, but the naming system I like and use is [TFRDC]., eg. T50000.txt for the text format of Table 50000. Of course, you will have to do these exports daily, if not more often. As far as I know, you can’t use code to do an export. If anyone knows different, please let me know. Hope that helps. Regards, Mark Dielmann

This sounds very interesting. IMHO source code / modification management is one of the biggest problems with Navision Financials. I would just love to hear your experiences in this area. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

I am using Visual source safe to compare the Custom changes done on navision objects from time to time. Created projects by name, tables, forms , reports, codeunits, Each object numbering is done by object number + Date stamp. It works for me.

Hi We have used SourceSafe in several years and could not live without it, as we are >10 developers working on the same version. We always know, who is working on which objects. And it is easy to see changes with the compare function and do Roll-back, if there is problems with a new version of a object. Regards Esben

We have built a utility called Navision Object Manager, which splits a exported object file in text format to individual files and then compares them against a vss database. You can even add,check in, check out using this utility.

Brian : I know it’s not X-mas yet but would you mind sharing this tool with us ? If you don’t, go and upload it in the NF tool forum here.

We looked to source code control to offer (1) an audit of tail of source amendments (2) a method of locking source code so two developers don’t change the same code at the same time. VSS does part (1) one for us. For part (2) we use a manual method. Our naming convention is “objectNumber.objectType” i.e. 50000.codeunit, 50000.form etc. We use an “awk” script to split up the text file. We then check-out from VSS, copy over the new objects and then check the code back into VSS.

I will get one our sales guys to contact you Tarek.

Could someone give a short step by step explanation of how visual source safe would be used with financials thanks