MS Project

Hi All, I want to integrate MS Projects with Navision Attain3.7 How can i do it? I don’t have any documents regarding it, so plz tell me descriptively…or reffer to some documents. Thank You Soumya

But How to do it? In Developer Guide we have example with MS Word & Excel. But not with MS Project. Can Any one give me Sample Code

You really need to start on this from the begining. That is decide what you are going to integrate. Are ou going to integrate Navision Jobs to Project, or are you devleloping your own interface idea. Then create a sample MS proect and manually create in Navision what you want it to represent. Then work out which MS Project Functions you need access to. To get this, you need to get teh MS Project VB Help. When you install Project select the VB options, and the Help, and the Help file will be installed on your computer. In that you will find all the available functions and what they do. Now you can start coding th eautomation in Navision to create the links. At this point you wll be ready to come back here again with specific questions related to your issue. But at the moment, the only answer that fits your question is fourty two

thank you… i will try out it

Once you get some definitions of exactly what you want, post the questions here, and I am sure you will get all the answers you need.