MS Project 2003 Automation Server using 100% CPU

Hey there, I have a problem with an automation Server export I made. The task ist to export data from a table to Microsoft Project and then show it there. It works fine. All Data is exportet and shown. BUT… and thats the big but it instantly uses 100% CPU and keeps on 99% / 100% untill finished. Now on a local Machine thats not a problem, because export takes about 2-4 minutes and your done. But in the end I have to use it on a Citrix System and at the moment it takes about 20 to 40 minutes to do the export stuff. While this time nothing can be done on the Citrix. So this is pretty useless then because the task has to be done several times a day. Has anyone made any experience like that? Any help would be great! Acid

Automations ALWAYS hog CPU usage, whether it be Word, Excel or in your case Project. As you said, on a local machine this is bearable (but still a pain!). When you say on a Citrix system, I assume you mean a remote user accessing the database?!?

Yes, a remote user connects to the System over a Citrix-Client. So is there no possibilty to decrease the CPU Usage or increase the speed. Or even both?

No one else any idea???