MS Outlook synchronisation; batch scheduling


On a recent AX 2012 implementation we used the Outlook integration with tasks and appointments in mind for the collections module and whilst we got this working the synchronization cannot be batched up it seems and needs setting up individually per user.

The latter i can live with but the fact that the synchronization must be pushed from AX rather than scheduled seems unlikely. Have i missed something or is this something we’re going to need to customize?


Nope you have not missed anything. Outlook synchronisation requires an interactive client due to the way AX is making COM calls from the Kernel - basically Server-side or batch simply wont work the way it has been written. The synchronisation is only done for the user who has the AX client running and is logged into AX although they do not have to have Outlook open. This is a summary of the responses I had to a series of questions posed to Microsoft with an AX2009 instance, but I do not believe it has altered in AX2012.

Thanks Adam, wonder if they’ll ever change that…

Hi Stephen, I see your question is a long time ago. In 2012 R3 CU8 a possibilty to sync to Exchange directly was introduced, but still it is a manual job for every user as far as I see it. Because of the gapto manage synchronization for every user central and do it automatically in batch, we created a module to do this for AX2009, AX2012 RTM…R3. We synchronize appointments, contacts, tasks directly with ExchangeServer so the users do not have to be online. You can find example videos of our module linked on our homepage ( If you need more information please feel free to contact me.