MS Office Smart Tag with Navision

I am actually trying to implement the MS Office Smart Tag functionnalities on a PC and I just cannot figure out what I’ve done wrong. Does someone else has been able to setup the Smart tags? Here is what I have done (Navision Database, not SQL):

  • My CPU meets all the requirements (Except that my server is a Win2000 pro
  • The web service is installed and my directories seems correct
  • I am loggued as an administrator to make sure that no security problems occurs
  • The ST Integration Toolkit client is installed
  • The fob was imported, except for the Codeunit 1 and Form 332
  • The Codeunit 1 and Form 332 were modified as described
  • The profile.xml was modified with the infos for the server
  • The profile.xml was modified with my informations
  • The profiles and datasets have been published from Navision in the subdirectories specified (subdir of the virtual dir)
    Now, the Navision database server is running , the Application server is running as service (startupparameter=SMARTTAG), the web site is running with the published profiles and datasets, and I still cannot figure out what is missing. Do I have to register some files in the Windows Registry? Do I have to make an action for MSOffice to recognize my changes? If someone could give me a hand, it would be appreciated.

On my first go at Smart Tags I didn’t make note of the fact that during the installation of the setup of Navision Smart Tag Integration Toolkit, you HAVE TO choose the option “Only for me” not the option “for all users”. When I reinstalled with the correct setting, all worked fine. Hope this helps.