MS Office Automation - Backwards compatability?

We have some Word automation that works great! However, 90% of users are on XP and thus my wdApp var is set to the automation controller ‘Microsoft Word 10.0 Object Library’. I noticed that Office 97 is the 8.0 Object Library and 2000 is 9.0 object library. If I want all users to be able to use the same functions in Navision should I complie with the 8.0 Object library? What tricks are there to use the right controller for the right verison of Office/Word? Thanks, john

Compile the objects using the latest available version of the Automation controller (in your case, Office XP). The API’s for Office applications are compatible between themselves and all users will be able to use the functionality you coded. But (and there is always a but with MS! [:P]), it can happen that a few functions are changed, added or deleted from one Office version to the next. The only way not to be affected is to use only commom functions and always test a new Office version before deploying it.

Nelson, are you sure that if I compile my Navision object with latest version of automation, other user which doesn’t have this (version of) Automation can use it ?

I agree with Nelson, the only thing you can not do, is to design your Object and Compile it on a Computer with older Object-Library. Greetings, Frank

Robi, until now I’ve had no problems doing it the way I said. But of course I cannot tell you that it won’t eventually change in some future Office version.

I compiled with v10.0 and a user with win2000 can’t CREATE(wdApp). I’ve noticed there is a documents.addold in v10.0 which is not listed in the help. I’m gonna keep trying …

And there is also something with a SaveOld function, look here: If it’s still not working when you compile it with the latest Office version, give the oldest a chance… it can’t hurt!