MS Dynamics NAV DB transaction replication(SQL 2012 Std Edition)

Hi All,

I have a technical question around MS Dynamics NAV 2013 DB replication.


  1. Can we do one-way transactional replication i.e. the MS Dynamics NAV 2013 Database to different environment(i.e. From Live to Reporting)? Also, can we point Dynamics App server to replicated DB?

2)Are they any known issues/limitations (i.e. for MS Dynamics NAV 2013 DB) we may encounter while setup replication?

3)Are they any white papers for setting up the replication for MS Dynamics NAV environment ?

It would be helpful if you provide answers(or point to appropriate forum/website/article) to above questions.




Any one can help me on this please.

Definitely, I think some one might have tried this route(i.e. Replicating NAV DB).



Have you looked at this? Database mirroring and replication with MS SQL.

  1. Updates made by clients to the principal database are applied on the other copy of the database, known as the mirror database. Mirroring involves applying the transaction log from every insertion, update, or deletion made on the principal database onto the mirror database.

  1. Transactional replication is typically used in server-to-server scenarios that require high throughput, including: improving scalability and availability; data warehousing and reporting; integrating data from multiple sites; integrating heterogeneous data; and offloading batch processing.

  1. Any requirement needed for 1) and 2)