MS Dynamics AX 4.0 Error

Hi ,

I got Communication error (The Server is unavailable.Check your Configuration and network connection and try again .This happen on client site.

our Server Os Win2003 SP2.This Error Just happen a few week ,before that is working properly.

Please Help…


To start with obvious things -

  1. Is the AOS running?
  2. Did you make any changes? In particular things like - changed logon credentials of AOS service account, added firewall, changed SQL security credential etc?




Thank for reply,

When i check on AOS services is running but AOS Service Account change to Other Account, But No body change that Account Services.How Can be automatic change?it posibble Virus?


I am not a great expert on security. But it is very unlikely that a virus could have caused this i.e. log into the server and change service account of AOS service.

But any case it is a good idea to keep servers patched up with latest patches.