MS-Agent in Navision Financials

Hello, Is there anybody that has experience with implementing MS-Agent in Navision Financials using the Automation server. I am halfway there (I can connect to the MS-Agent Server) but I keep getting error messages (from Navision) when I try to access the Ms-Agent character. I would be very happy with an example. With regards, Charl van der Mooren

Hi, i have used the MS Agent i Navision Financials. I used it to be a small joke-teller, kind of funny. I will look for the objects, your email? Soren Nielsen

My e-mail address is: I am looking forward to your objects and if I am able to solve my problem, I will post my objects here so others can use them as well. Thanks, in advance. Charl van der Mooren

Here is the code you need to use MS-Agent in Navision Financials. Very important is that you use an english/u.s. windows version or else the speechengine won’t work. Maybe in time I’ll be able to find out how I can solve that problem. The ms-agent files and drivers are available at Have fun with it !! Charl Globals: (Name ; DataType ; Subtype) Server ; Autom. ; ‘MS Agent Control 2.0’.Agent Peedy ; Autom. ; ‘MS Agent Control 2.0’.IAgentCtlCharacter Code: On Push () CREATE(Server); Server.Connected := TRUE; Server.Characters.Load(‘Peedy’,‘c:\windows\msagent\chars\peedy.acs’); Server.Characters.Item(‘Peedy’).Show; Server.Characters.Item(‘Peedy’).MoveTo(500,400); Peedy := Server.Characters.Item(‘Peedy’); Peedy.Speak(‘What do you want me to say?’); Peedy.Hide;