MS ADS (Active Directory) connectivity

Hey there ! Does anybody know if there´s a way to connect Navision to ADS ? Thanx, Christian

Attain can connect to Active Directory. There is a script on the installation CD that must be run. All documentation can be found on the same CD. After looking 2 minutes on the Product CD, I found this information: How to Integrate the Server with Active Directory ------------------------------------------------- When you are installing a Navision Attain Service on a Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2000 Advanced Server, you must extend the Active Directory Schema to add support for the Navision Attain Service Connection Point (NFSCP). The NFSCP is used by both client and server, to take advantage of the service centric design that Active Directory provides: the service publishes itself in the Active Directory and the client uses the published information to bind to the service. Schema Extension Tool SchemaXt ------------------------------ A schema extension tool, SchemaXt is provided with Navision Server. SchemaXt.exe is copied to the same folder as Server.exe, when you install the server. The schema extension is valid for an entire forest of domains. Therefore, it is only necessary to perform the schema extension when you install the first Navision Attain Service in a forest. Please note that: · you must have Schema Admin rights in order to extend the schema. · extending the schema cannot be undone. You can invoke the schema extension tool from a Command Prompt, using the command “schemaxt” or by double-clicking SchemaXt.exe in Windows Explorer. A dialog box appears, asking you to extend the schema automatically or to generate an LDIF Script. Automatic Schema Extension -------------------------- The tool will carry out the schema extension immediately. A status message will inform you whether the schema extension was carried out successfully or not. Generation of an LDIF Script ---------------------------- The tool will create an LDIF Script, NFSchemaExtension.ldf in the folder where SchemaXt.exe is located. Use the Windows tool LDIFDE to extend the schema. At a command prompt, type ldifde -i -f \NFSchemaExtension.ldf where is the path of the NFSchemaExtension.ldf file Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Why can’t programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? Because OCT(31) = DEC(25) Edited by - lstroem on 2002 Apr 12 20:32:28

Hello Lars, I also read that document. Problem is that it only gives you the possibility to use your Windows Login to connect to Navision. What I wanna do is to push data into my ADS Server and use this data in other product e.g. Lotus Notes. Does anybody have experience on something like that ? Chris

Hi! I have the same problem. What i Could understad -i parameters is for import the .ldf file. What I understod the schemaxt should create the file for import. The problem is that SchemaXt would NOT create any NFSchemaExtension.ldf file ;-(. When I run Schemaxt i got follow error message. -“One or more conflicting attributes or classes were detected while attemting to exten to extended schema. The Active Directory Schema Configuration has not been changed.” Any idée, to solve this problem [?]