MS Access default style sheet

Can anyone tell me if there is a default Access style Sheet in Nav

What do you mean by ACCESS StyleSheet? Export exists for Word & Excel only…

MS Access DB - we are wondering if there is a style sheet for Access so we can export from Nav to Access the same way we can to Word and Excel

No it does not exist.

I know what is MS Access - that for I said you cannot “export” to Access, only Word & Excel, even suggested you misnamed Excel as Access [:D]

How do you expect a form to be “exported” to DATABASE?

Invoice can be exported to Word, ListForm to Excel, that is reasonable, but WHY to export data from MSSQL to Access (which in latest versions actually is the same engine, only limited in features - .mdb’s are almost dead)

For reading data, you may connect directly to Navision SQL DB and do with them whatever you need - analyze, report and so on… There is neither need, nor straightway methods to “export” to another DB, so such “export” to MS Access is not included in Navision.

Actually I don’t think that is a strange question at all. I think it makes perfect sense to want to be able to export data to a lightweight database engine such as Access. It’s much more versatile than Excel and you could even create reports in it. There have to be tons of possibilities exporting data from list forms into Access tables. That would actually be a really good option.

Saying there is “no need” is a bit patronizing, especially to someone who just asked if there’s a way to do it, clearly they have a need to use Access. I don’t think Access is dead at all, I’m pretty sure it’s even included in the next version of Office. Just because YOU don’t use it doesn’t mean that other people wouldn’t have a perfectly valid reason to want to use it.

Thanks for the input and the support Den, if we did not have an actual need to do this we wouldn’t hae asked the question. We will continue to do it the way we do now.

Not sure how to close this post. But I consider it closed

You could press the verify solution button next to the post where I answered the question by simply saying one did not exist [:D]

Good idea Steve [Y]